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Enhanced Athlete is a business that specialized in cutting nutritional supplements. They were very popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders.

I have used them several times in the past. The reason why I used Enhanced Athlete was because they did things distinct.

They did not just randomly invent a solution and put it out to the industry. No, the guys from EA actually formulated high-quality goods to help people reach their objectives.

Sadly, the Improved Athlete team divide some time back.


A few of the best scientists, chemical engineers and bodybuilders have teamed up to create a new line.

The new line is called Enhanced and has only released 14 new reproductive formulations.

It follows that you’re still able to purchase the most potent nutritional supplements on the market. Let’s take a look at this exciting and new company.


The 14 new products by Enhanced are precisely what every serious athlete on the market needs.

Largely because this new and much better version of Enhanced Athlete really focuses on product formula.

You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or proprietary combinations in these new goods. They have been designed for bodybuilders and athletes looking to safely improve performance.

This business definitely sells interesting products that you won’t see anyplace else.

In all honesty, I think that’s just what the supplement industry wants — a business that researches new things which may help us choose our body’s to another level.

Enough with all the talking — let us check out a few of the new products!


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One of my favorite supplements is the new Rage high stimulant variant. This stuff is mad for enhancing your own workouts. You will find 18 ingredients in this product that’s a lot more than many products.

With just 1 scoop of Rage you’re going to be experiencing extreme energy, focus and awesome muscle pumps. A good pump is a game-changer for me personally since it’s very essential for muscle growth.

If you are searching for a new and powerful pre-workout to attempt, I highly suggest checking out Rage.

Not a lover of high stimulant pre-workouts? Check out Rage Stim Free.


Image result for BLACK OX
Black Ox is of the most powerful testosterone booster you are going to find. It is far superior to additional Testosterone boosters since it comprises 11 scientifically proven ingredients in total clinical dosages.

With Black Ox, you’ll be able to enhance your testosterone in a safe and responsible way.

And guess what? More testosterone equals more lean muscle mass, power and improved functionality. This product may also be utilized as a Post Cycle Therapy.

When it’s piled with all the Blue Ox, you’ll be blown away by the results in lean mass. It is ensured that your testosterone levels will go through the roof.


Image result for eca shred
Finally, there it is — ECA Shred. A legal yet potent variant of the famous ECA Stack.

This product is just one of the strongest fat burners I’ve used in a lengthy time. It kicks in exceptionally quickly and helps hasten weight loss, suppress appetite and boosts energy.

The ingredient matrix found in ECA Shred provides exactly the same consequences as the ECA Stack.

If you’re looking for a supplement that can help accelerate fat loss, check out ECA Shred.


Image result for Enhanced arachidonic acid
Arachidonic Acid by Enhanced is one of the most powerful natural muscle building nutritional supplements . It’s used for pumps, muscle growth and recovery.

The main reason why I love Arachidonic Acid is because it gives me excellent pumps. It truly allows me to concentrate on my mind muscle connection.

Trust me when I say that it’s more powerful than other products you have attempted in the past. And the great thing about this product is that it’s completely safe to use.

For all those of you that want to break through a plateau or enhance lean muscle mass, test out Arachidonic Acid.


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Phytodrol comprises laxogenin which is a powerful natural anabolic compound. It’s extremely effective for accelerating muscle growth and speeding up healing.

The main reason Phytodrol is so popular among bodybuilders is because it doesn’t have any side effects yet offers a great deal of benefits.

It’s advised to stack this product with other muscle builders like Epimuscle (Epicatechin). By doing so, you’ll significantly enhance your results.

If you would like to pack on quality muscle in a safe way, Phytodrol is a fantastic option.


Image result for ANABOLIC I.V.
Anabolic I.V. contains all you need in order to maximize muscle growth. You’ll find a blend of 23 different high-quality ingredients within this anabolic supplement.

Amongst the ingredients there are lots of BCAA’s and EAA’s. These amino acids are extremely important for recovery and development.

It also includes plenty of electrolytes to help keep you hydrated during your workouts.

Anabolic I.V. should be used by every serious athlete. It’s pretty much the ideal fuel to your muscles — all day long.

As you can tell by checking out these supplements, they’re a lot more superior compared to most products on the market.

If you would like to see the remainder of the product line, see the official Enhanced site.


Back in the day you had Improved Athlete EU. This webshop has been their European webshop and run by people situated in Europe.

They would market all supplements from Enhanced Athlete and ship them in Europe for fast processing.

But, Enhanced Athlete EU is no longer online.

The good thing is that the goods from Enhanced are sent worldwide!


That I would strongly recommend the new Enhanced products to all those of you who seriously want to improve performance.

I’ve wasted a lot of money on nutritional supplements that didn’t really get the job done. That is why I am writing this new Enhanced Athlete Review — you should purchase products that truly do the job.

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The fact that these supplements are produced specially for bodybuilders is amazing. EA actually cares about providing their customers with an excellent nutritional supplement that give actual results.

Trust me when I say that if these products were not worth the money, I wouldn’t have wrote this review.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my Enhanced Athlete review. It is unfortunate to realize that the older EA is no longer about.

The fantastic news is that Enhanced has taken their place by providing people with the supplements we all love.

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