Kratom extract is obtained from a wonderful native tree found in South Asia. Before it was discovered in the western countries, Asians had used it for centuries. It was mostly chewed by workers in rural Thailand who wanted to remain alert. Kratom extract refers to a concentrated form of this herb. It is made from powdered leaves left after all the water evaporates.

The extract is graded using a digit and an “x” such as 10x and 15x. This usually indicates the amount of Kratom used to create a single gram of an extract concentration. A good example is 10x, which means 10 grams of the herb was used to make a gram of Kratom extract. The powder works better when ingested than smoking. Here are different ways to take it.

Toss and Washing Down Method

This is a quick way to take Kratom extract because you simply pour the recommended amount into your mouth and wash it down with some water. Some people swirl it in the mouth before swallowing though it’s not compulsory. Besides, you can divide it into small dosages for easier ingestion. Minimal preparation is required and is the best for lasting effects of Kratom.

Taking in Tea Form

To make Kratom tea, you boil the powder for about half an hour. Leave it to settle before straining the liquid. This method of taking Kratom is also effective, but the preparation consumes a lot of time. You can take the tea hot or cold, and the taste is not terrible.

Taking with Yogurt

Taking Kratom with yogurt is a preferred method by those who want to enhance the taste of this herb. To achieve the best effects, take on an empty stomach.

Adding to a protein shake

Milkshakes also helps to mask the taste of Kratom extracts just like yogurt. But, it means you have to take extra calories, which you may not need.

You can try the above methods of taking Kratom extracts and stick to the one that works best for you.

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